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Born July 1, 1970 in Osaka.

Started playing the guitar at the age of 14, and was selected as the opening act of loudness at the age of 17. After graduating from high school, entered the Hollywood music school MI. Actively develop bands and session work activities while still in school.

After returning to Japan, he released his self-produced album "Sign Of The Times" in 1998. Recorded sales of about 10,000 copies. The following year, he made his major debut with "Silent Scream" under the solo name.

In 2002, he released his 2nd album "The Rule Of Right" under the name of Kelly SIMONZ's BLIND FAITH, and at the same time, signed an album contract with Finland's LION MUSIC and decided to release it worldwide. After that, he toured Europe as the opening act of the "Hughes Turner Project" by Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner.

Since 2003, he has been appointed as a special lecturer at ESP / MI Japan. Since 2005, he has also been a lecturer at NCA (currently NSM), contributing to the development of younger generations.

In 2009, Rittor Music published "Transcendental Guitarist Training Cast" and shocked the industry with a strong technique and speed exchange that was unprecedented as a teaching. After that, in addition to the 2 volumes of the series, "Book that can express the sound that you imagined with your head with a guitar" turned around and released 2 volumes that covered a wide range from beginners to experienced people, which has also been well received.

In 2012, in parallel with his solo activities, he started full-scale Kelly SIMONZ's bAd TRIBE with Yosuke and Tim, and Kelly SIMONZ's BLIND FAITH with a new member.

In 2013, he was a demonstrator of the manufacturer at numerous musical instrument fairs such as the NAMM show in Los Angeles, the guitar clinic in Taiwan, and the demonstration at Music CHINA in Shanghai, and received high praise.

In 2014, the new album "BLIND FAITH" under the name of Kelly SIMONZ's BLIND FAITH was released from the King Record "NEXUS" label. Furthermore, in November, the Christmas cover album "HOLY WINTER" was released.

In 2015, he released BLIND FAITH's second album "AT THE GATES OF A NEW WORLD" from King Records, and while performing guitar seminars and events, he also realized a Taiwan expedition and performed energetic band activities.

In 2016, Kelly SIMONZ's BLIND FAITH will realize the first Korean expedition. Furthermore, the number of "Shimamura Musical Instruments Transcendental Guitar Seminars" that have been held since 2011 has exceeded 200 times. We are continuing to meet the wishes of guitar players nationwide.

In 2017, released BLIND FAITH's third album "Overture Of Destruction" from King Records.

In 2018, he formed a trio "The Exthunders" with drummer Yosuke's younger brother Hayata, and held a Taiwan expedition, a live event "Metal Train" on a moving train, and a shipboard event on the Suruga Bay Ferry.

In 2019, a trilogy reprint Japan tour will be held with members centered on former Yngwie Malmsteen vocalist Mark Boals. Mystery from Italy participates in the keyboard.

In 2020, we will launch a new project centered on Mark Boals and aim for a great leap forward with the aim of activities toward the world.


● Main works and appearance events


● Transcendental guitarist training cast

● Transcendental guitarist training cast "Lonely Classic Masterpieces"

● Transcendental guitarist training cast "Tenka Musou no Kyosoku DVD Edition"

● A book that allows you to play the sound you imagined with your head on the guitar

-A book that you can play the crying guitar that you imagined with your head


E tele "Musica Pikko Reno" - heavy and fast ~ ed.

E-tele "Lalala ♪ Classic" ~ Metal loves Classic? ~


Business journal

Transcendental Champion Kelly SIMONZ Long Interview

(1) The difference between the Japanese music business and Europe and the United States, which the solitary guitarist Kelly SIMONZ talks about "transcendence"

(2) The difference between the Japanese music business and Europe and the United States, which the solitary guitarist Kelly SIMONZ talks about "transcendence" (Part 2)


● Musical Instrument Fair 2011

(Rittor Music, Marshall (YMJ) Demonstration)


(Guild Acoustic Demonstration)

● NAMM 2013 (FGN demonstration)

● Music CHINA 2013 (FGN demonstration)


(Fender Custom Shop Demonstration)

● Musical Instrument Fair 2014

(Marshall (YMJ) Live Stage)

● Olympus x Fender Contest

(Special demonstration)

● Musical Instrument Fair 2016

(Marshall "CODE" demonstration)

● Setagaya Band Battle in NHK Giken!
(Judge & Demonstration)

● Gakunan Electric Railway "Metal Train"

(Live performance on a moving train)

● Suruga Bay Ferry "Ferry Christmas on board"

(Live demonstration on board regular flights)

● 2018 Musical Instrument Fair

(Exhibition with original booster and amplifier)

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