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The long-awaited song of the fans, which is familiar in guitar magazines and contests, has finally been made into a sound source, condensing the possibilities and world view of the new guitar released by transcendental guitarist Kelly Simonz! !!

 Kelly Simonz

"Future Destination" "Twilight of a Life"

Double jacket specification with another jacket image on the back of the CD jacket (4th page).

【recorded music】
1.Future Destination
2.Twilight Of A Life
3.Future Destination
(Backing Track)
4.Twilight Of A Life (Backing Track)

(Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Programming)

Yosuke Yamada (Drums)

FMCD-0001 Price ¥ 2000 + tax

* A separate handling fee of 500 yen will be charged for shipping and other charges.

Purchase online shop thank you in.

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