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[Kelly Simonz Crowdfunding]

The "world standard quality" that I have dreamed of for many years is finally realized in collaboration with Mark Boals! !!

I want to realize the album release with "the band that welcomed Mark Boals as vocals" and the Japan & US tour!

-Based on last year's experience, this year will be a game! ~

Twenty years ago, I approached the media and publishers with a genuine desire to raise the level of hard rock heavy metal in Japan, but for various reasons, as a result, it was a hindrance to business. I got sick of getting out of the place where I was treated, and I came from the end with a feeling of giving up, but the times are very different from those days.

Nowadays, everyone has a chance to appeal to the world by any means, so that is no excuse. That is why I think "now is an opportunity". It seems that there are few people like me who have a flexible mindset, probably because my generation has already reached the level of veteran, but I think that is why I have a chance. If you use SNS well, you can become famous and earn profits, but I myself say "old style", but "what I really wanted to do is the coolest thing I think" I want to shape it.

Crowdfunding regarding the production of mini-albums was a great success, and this is a form of the feeling that I have found the potential in the music that I have been confidently delivering for 20 years and are expecting it. I think it's a new one. From "I listened to it again"

In particular, most of the works in the early days have been fighting alone for a long time, and I have a strong feeling for them, but after becoming a band, I have a deep emotion in a different sense. It was always the last minute activity and life.

Last October, I tried crowdfunding as a support for band activities this time, but I am really grateful that I was able to realize it wonderfully with "support money = trust in the work" and I came. I can be confident in things. We received more support than we expected for the mini-album, but the most important step is the next step.

Band activities with Mark Boals really need more money than ever before.

Because at the Trilogy Japan Tour that was held last year, there were members called Mark and Mystery who were invited from overseas, and as a result, it became a deficit, but there were various reasons, but this is dare. I'll keep it down.

I personally made a lot of effort, and especially the venues I used for the tour were all arranged by me, so I was able to lend them at a much more reasonable price than usual. Initially, in Tokyo alone, nearly 1000 people (500 people / day), Osaka 300 people, Kagoshima 250 people, Niigata 200 people, and Nagoya was an additional performance, so it was a calculation to raise the ticket fee with about 100 people. ..

However, in reality, 300 people each in Tokyo for two days, and the other venues were almost as read. So I read that it was profitable to some extent in the box office, but as a result, it was full of guarantees and expenses of Mark and other members other than us, and in the end it was paid to me, KAZ, and YOSUKE. It ended without.

It was the first time for me to become a professional musician and not receive a guarantee, and although I was shocked, I was saved by the contact from Mark after that, and above all, this tour was not realized. I don't think there was this new project, so I felt sorry for the two members, and that's why I believe that a strong bond was born to work with Mark with that feeling.

Therefore, the project with Mark will be a considerable amount even if you consider the travel expenses when performing a guarantee (vocal track recording production cost) live to Mark, the performance fee of the live, etc. Last year's tour also went into the red even if it made nearly 10 million profits ... So, if you set a goal with a rough calculation of expenses, it is still more than a crowdfunding format like the last time. I'm thinking about returning as much as possible by collecting support as much as possible, but what I learned from the crowdfunding of the mini album I did last time is that I have a higher quality work than material return. I was able to realize that it is the wish of everyone who supports us to create it and continue to actually perform live performances and activities. Therefore, I will concentrate on the production as much as possible within the range of support to concentrate on my own music creation activities.

Feb.15th 2020 Kelly SIMONZ

[Target amount is 10 million yen or more]

It's just a goal, but I think it's still the lowest level. To be honest, it is difficult to realize a US tour with this amount of money, but first of all, I dreamed of going to Mark with three members and going to LA, which I could not realize when I was in my twenties, such as PV shooting and photo sessions. I want to make it happen. I would like to focus on promotion rather than the minimum steady activities that I have done so far. The cost of promotion is the heaviest, and I've done it so far without spending it at all, but it's actually a miracle in itself, so I continue to work hard to get the media pushed and boosted. However, in reality, it is an undeniable reality that exposure to the media in various fields has a great impact on the connection to big sales.

Last year's Trilogy Tour wasn't the box office, but as a result, almost all of the staff were volunteers, so even though the expenses were definitely kept down, the result was a penny. I couldn't pay for myself and my members, so I would like to avoid repeating such things again, and with the help of everyone, I will surely produce results and move on to the next activity such as further expansion into Europe and the United States. I want to connect.

[* Regarding return]

In normal crowdfunding, we have clear goals such as “CD production” and “live realization” , but the goals I have set this time are not so clear, and moreover, long-term activities in general. The current situation is that it is a little difficult to clarify the return because it includes it. Therefore, rather than achieving the goal like crowdfunding, I would like to give back as much as possible while aiming to realize the "activity as a world-class rock band" set forth at the beginning. Currently, we are aiming to realize it by the end of the year, based on the completion of the album and live performances (3 or more performances in Japan), we are considering the following returns, so please refer to it and support us.

[50,000 yen] (Patron: 8 people)

①Providing works (CD, DVD, etc.) (Sign if desired)

② Invitation to domestic live performances (including meet & greet and rehearsal viewing) (1 performance)

[100,000 yen] (Patron: 2 people)

The following contents including ①

③ Invitation to domestic live performances (including meet & greet and rehearsal viewing) (2 performances)

④ 2 songs of the desired song retake (such as playing a guitar solo specially) of the songs recorded in the album

[300,000 yen]

The following contents including ①④

⑤ Invitation to domestic live performances (including meet & greet and rehearsal viewing) (all performances)

⑥ 5 songs of the desired song retake (such as playing a guitar solo specially) of the songs recorded in the album

⑦ Desired songs for songs recorded in the album Karaoke (produced by Minus One) for 5 songs

[500,000 yen ①]

The following contents including ①⑤

⑧ Retake of songs recorded in the album (such as playing a guitar solo specially) for all songs

⑨ Karaoke of songs recorded in the album (produced by Minus One) for all songs

[500,000 yen ②] (Limited to 2 people)

The following contents including ①②

⑩ Get a guitar owned by Kelly

・ Psychedelicism ・ Gib Fendricks, Gibson ・ DC


  • Neck: 1 piece Maple

  • Fingerboard: Indian Rose (300R)

  • Scale: 25 "

  • Fret: Medium

  • Tuner: Gotoh 6-series Kluson Type Side Hole Pegu Nickel

  • Body: Alder

  • Pick Up (Neck): Lundgen / BJFE ST

  • Pick Up (Middle): Lundgen / BJFE ST

  • Pick Up (Bridge): Lundgen / BJFE ST

  • Contorol: 1 Volume 2 Tone 5 way selector

  • Bridge: GOTOH GE101TC

  • Finish: Phantom Blue (All Urethan)

[1 million yen] Thank you !! OUT OF STOCK

The following contents including ①⑤⑧⑨

⑪ One of Renaissance K (Maestro & Virtuoso) owned by the person


[Amount negotiated] Thank you !! OUT OF STOCK

The following contents including ①⑤⑧⑨

Valuable `` PGM Kelly Custom'' Stratocaster produced at the time of debut 20 years ago

* In order to clarify the person who supported us, we will only make a bank transfer this time.

After making a deposit to the account below, please contact us by e-mail with your name and contact address required to send the return. Please be sure to specify the name when you make the payment.

* Those who wish to play a guitar will be on a first-come, first-served basis as it is a limited edition item, so please be aware that the payment will be made after you first inform us of your desired guitar by email and reply.

Faith Music (Kazuhiro Shimazu)

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Izumigaoka Branch

Normal) 5050715

Other inquiries regarding support for future music activities are accepted by email at any time.


Currently, we are aiming to complete the album by the end of the year, but there may be slight changes in the return each time, so we appreciate your understanding in advance.

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