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[About Transcendental Sound Academy Online]

I think it's been about 10 years since I started Facebook, but until now I've done a lot of videos and live streaming for free.

However, I understood that they have some value, and I did it as part of the promotion, but disclosing information to an unspecified number of people is sure to make a profit from music activities. It will be a factor that causes a disadvantage.

Until now, I have been operating at other events, live concerts, merchandising sales, etc., but this year, when the activity system has changed significantly, I want to expand the place of activity overseas more actively than myself. Since I am thinking about it, I would like to simply make up for my own activity operating expenses by increasing the profits on the net from the profits I have made so far.

At that time, I think that it is important to attach importance to "online" so that lessons can be done anywhere in the world as well as nationwide, so I faced "online salon" opened by celebrities for several years. I decided to create and run a private book group.

I will also do actual lessons, but with that style I can not operate unless I am in the same place as surely as possible, so it is impossible to focus on that work with the current plan I am thinking of. Therefore, individual lessons will only be available to those who can flexibly adjust the date and time ... I am thinking of making the lesson fee a reasonable amount, and it is not something that everyone can actually take. When it comes to that, I think the existence of "online lessons" is very important.

There are several types of "online lessons", but it is an "online salon" where one-on-one lessons such as Skype and ZOOM are exchanged with multiple communities.

The online salon is like a group lesson because all the participants are lesson students, but like the actual lesson, it is divided into those who ask a lot of questions and those who just look at it. think. Of course, that is the freedom of the person, but as long as it is a community even though it is a small world within the group, I hope that each person can participate with moderation.

The most annoying thing is is the Transcendental Sound Academy a group of guitar lessons only? That is.

As you can see from my remarks on Facebook and Twitter, I take the style of presenting various topics and ultimately connecting them to music and musical instrument performances. So I think it's very worth participating for those who don't play the guitar or play the instrument.

It's not compulsory, so I can't say anything about it, but it doesn't mean that only people who play musical instruments can participate in Transcendental Sound Academy Online, so please understand in advance.

This year, I was thinking of establishing a "fan club" and opening an online salon, but I would like to do it after thinking about various ideas, so first of all, "Transcendental Sound Academy Online" centered on guitar lessons. I decided to start.

As you know, I upload a huge number of videos as well as posted articles, and I've done it all for free, but the information is still valuable. And if there are people who want it, a business will be born there. There is a big difference between people who just want to see it and people who want to see it.

So, I will inform you about the detailed participation method etc. at a later date, but first of all, while understanding these things and supporting my future music activities, I will give some encouragement not only to your guitar but also to your life. I hope it will be, so thank you.

I think it is important to create a place where you can enjoy yourself and, above all, enjoy it with peace of mind.

I'm sure it will be a place to enjoy with everyone, so please look forward to it.

[Transcendence sound science school online group How to participate]

For those who cannot afford the one-on-one lessons, or who want to learn the guitar for various reasons such as financial difficulties, set up a private group on Facebook and freely ask questions and present the agenda. You can enjoy it through discussions between students and regular live distribution.

"Transcendence Music School ONLINE" will be operated by a private Facebook group.

[3-month course: 10,000 yen] * Pause
[6 months course: 18,000 yen]
[1 year course: 30,000 yen]

It is divided into three members. You can enjoy only the purchase period selected with the purchase button below, but if you want to continue participating, please purchase one of the three new buttons with this button, and after confirming here, We will continue to enroll (Please note that in some cases, you may be temporarily withdrawn).

▼ Notes

Regarding the information in Transcendental School ONLINE and all the information to be sent, it is prohibited to disclose or leak information to the outside such as outside the mouth or SNS. (Except with the permission of the operator)

If there is any act that corresponds to slander, vandalism, solicitation, etc. to other users, or if it is judged that it will interfere with the operation of the salon, we may forcibly withdraw from the membership. Those who have been forcibly withdrawn will not be able to access the Facebook members-only page and will not be able to accept future participation, so please use it comfortably.

~ Finally ~

As the name suggests, in the world of SNS (social network service), I place importance on "connection with society", so I can't say much about what I really think, including from a standpoint. The world will be destroyed as soon as it is exposed (laughs) ... Society is made up of compassion for others.

However, since the world of SNS is not actually facing each other, it may be relatively easy to give an opinion, but there are also parts where you have to be careful about what you say because the record remains as a log.

Looking at the lesson fee this time, I would like you to understand that the lessons that you face directly are overwhelmingly expensive, which is the price for directly telling what I really think. If the communication on SNS is about 20%, the online group can communicate a little more seriously, but even so, it must be considered that there is no privacy in all the communication on the net even though it is a community of multiple people and it is private. It will be the communication above.

In exchange, the interaction with me alone in my classroom is a top secret. That is why I would like to invite only those who have an order of magnitude value and understand it. I would like to do my best to tell you as much as I can so that you can feel and learn everything that is in the same place with your five senses.

I will do my best every day to enrich my life together with music, so thank you for your cooperation.


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