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[About Transcendental Sound Academy]

At Transcendental Music School, time is a fortune, and by getting my time, I learn as much as I can, and sometimes steal it for my own food. And I will try to advise as much as possible so that those who purchase by selling their time can use their abilities as much as possible to bring out their musical abilities.

I don't think it's possible to get the know-how about various music and guitar that I have cultivated for 35 years in just one hour. It won't be so easy even for a year ...

However, I think that it is possible for the learner to connect the know-how that I have been struggling with and detouring for 35 years in the shortest distance. Rather than imitating, I steal without permission and improve and leave early (laughs), I think that's fine, and I'm sure they will overcome the hardships from there on their own.

First of all, I would like you to understand that the value of "time", which is equal to human beings, is completely different from person to person ... You can increase your money, but time is from the time you were born in this world. It's only decreasing.

I think that the meaning of "time is money" is exactly there ... Time is so precious that it is not something to think about at a light level, such as that time is more important than money.

Using that time for someone is like shaving yourself, so I think it's natural that there will be a reasonable price.

So, in the future, I will go with the idea of ​​"purchasing the time you need" for lessons.

The content of the lesson can be completely free, but the basics and such stories are completely different after all. Unfortunately, the electric guitar is an instrument without an established theory, and it is finally in parentheses. If it's okay, there is a part like OK, so if there is, I can only teach "the basics that Kelly Simonz thinks".

Regarding time, one hour is natural, but if you talk, it will end in a blink of an eye (laughs), or if you can't communicate for about an hour, you won't get anything even if you take a decent lesson. What all things have in common is the attitude and motivation to face things, which I think is the deciding factor, and I want to help develop the technical side while supporting that mental side. I will.

■ About one-on-one lessons

"Transcendental Sound Academy" accepts lessons from 3 hours with complete tutoring.
* We are planning to set up a special 2-hour beginner course only for those who are completely beginners (negotiable)
* We have special courses for students. Please contact us if you are enrolled in elementary, junior high, high school, university, or vocational school.

Lesson location: Transcendental Music School Headquarters (1 minute walk from JR Okachimachi Station)

[3-hour course: 45,000 yen]
[5-hour course: 70,000 yen]
[10-hour course: 130,000 yen]

・ You can freely choose the time and date for the 3-hour course up to 2 times.
・ The 5-hour course is limited to 3 times, and the 10-hour course is limited to 5 times. ..
・ We will set up a 2-hour special course as a beginner course (for those with little guitar experience, etc.) (negotiable)
・ In addition, there are plans to open special master courses in the future.
・ We will also introduce nearby accommodations to those who are far away (because it is a capsule hotel, only men are allowed)

Please note that the number of people will be limited (maximum 10 people) in order to maintain the quality of the lessons (if there is a vacancy, we will re-recruit at any time).


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