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~ From Transcendental Sound Academy, President Kelly Simonz ~

■ The time of experience far exceeds the value of money

Up until now, I have been teaching time divisions as a so-called general "musical instrument lesson", but after all I have taught many people and I think that each person has different senses of time and values. So I came to think that it was very important.

Some people can do 10 minutes, some take an hour, some will take another 10 hours ... but I think people who can do it in 10 minutes and those who take 10 hours have exactly the same motivation.

On the contrary, if it can not be done even if it takes a month, I think that there is another problem, so I have to review it from the viewpoint of the lesson ... Unfortunately, human beings are not equal by nature, so after understanding it It is important to think back to the same perspective as to what to do.

However, for me, "time" is a very important asset, and I think it is the most important mission to devote time to my creative activities. Making that time into a lesson means spending the most important time for someone, so there will be a price to pay for it ... that is the lesson fee.

■ Only One Individual Guidance-Reason for Starting Transcendental Sound Academy

Based on all my experiences, I am planning to start "Transcendence Music School" from this year. Of course, I am the only instructor. Because only I can teach what I can do.

Obviously, a disciple is just a disciple no matter where he goes, and he will never be exactly the same as me ... Of course, he may surpass me, but it is no longer me, but that person. I think that there is only one, so I think that he is a wonderful artist with an "individual" different from Kelly Simonz.

However, if you want to improve your musical instrument, you can choose the one that you think is good from many music classes and schools all over the world, but if you want to play the guitar like Kelly Simonz, I think I have no choice but to come to my place.

At Transcendental Music School, time is a fortune, and by getting my time, I learn as much as I can, and sometimes steal it for my own food. And I will try to advise as much as possible so that those who purchase by selling their time can use their abilities as much as possible to bring out their musical abilities.

I don't think it's possible to get the know-how about various music and guitar that I have cultivated for 35 years in just one hour. It won't be so easy even for a year ...

However, I think that it is possible for the learner to connect the know-how that I have been struggling with and detouring for 35 years in the shortest distance. Rather than imitating, I steal without permission and improve and leave early (laughs), I think that's fine, and I'm sure they will overcome the hardships from there on their own.

The content of the lesson can be completely free, but the basics and such stories are completely different after all. Unfortunately, the electric guitar is an instrument without an established theory, and it is finally in parentheses. If it's okay, there is a part like OK, so if there is, I can only teach "the basics that Kelly Simonz thinks".

Regarding time, one hour is natural, but if you talk, it will end in a blink of an eye (laughs), or if you can't communicate for about an hour, you won't get anything even if you take a decent lesson. What all things have in common is the attitude and motivation to face things, which I think is the deciding factor, and I want to help develop the technical side while supporting that mental side. I will.

Transcendental Sound School Lesson 10 Hours Course

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