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■ About Transcendental School ONLINE Lesson

One-on-one lessons can be enjoyed by non-public Facebook groups, such as those who cannot afford to pay but who really want to learn the guitar, discussions between junior high school students, and regular live distribution.

▼ Notes

Transcendental School ONLINE mainly works in a private group on Facebook. You will need a Facebook account to participate.

・ If you determine that your Facebook account is not active, such as your Facebook account is not your real name, you do not have a profile picture, or you have no friends, you may be refused membership. In that case, please note that there will be no refund.

・ Information in Transcendental School ONLINE and all information to be sent are prohibited from being disclosed or leaked to the outside such as outside the mouth or SNS. (Except with the permission of the operator)

・ If there is any act that corresponds to slander, vandalism, solicitation, etc. to other users, or if it is judged that it will interfere with the operation of the salon, we may forcibly withdraw from the membership. Those who have been forcibly withdrawn will not be able to access the Facebook members-only page and will not be able to accept future participation, so please use it comfortably.

Transcendental Sound Academy ONLINE (6 months course)

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