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令和クラウドファンディングプロジェクト『The NEW ERA』の3曲を一つにまとめたスペシャルパッケージ。














(c)Faith Music 2024


This special package combines three songs from the 2021 crowdfunding project "The NEW ERA" into one.


In addition, a guitar pro data file is included, allowing you to view TABs along with Kelly's realistic lead guitar, or listen to the detailed tones by playing the guitar alone.


Contents include

Original song data (3 songs)

Guitar minus one backing track (3 songs)

TAB (for 3 songs)

Guitar pro data files (with Kelly's lead guitar audio files) for 3 songs

Total size: 513MB  


Requests for use.

Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of these data is strictly prohibited.
There is no problem to publish the videos on the Internet as covers, etc.
Please keep it within the scope of your personal use and enjoy.


(c)Faith Music 2024

【Special Package】The NEW ERA~Trilogy【All in One】

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